Sac Lunch
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Chris Shrader
Position: Utility
Bats: R
Throws: R

Growing up life was tough for Chris, as he was the victim of suburban sprawl. The small town of Novi, which he grew to love, was now nothing more than strip malls and subdivisions. With no where to go he decided to run, and many have speculated that this was the day that his natural born speed was discovered. Addicted to running from the "sprawl," Chris ran track and cross country. However, a sour relationship with his coach took away the addiction or solution to alleviating the "sprawl syndrome." He turned to drugs and alcohol to wash away the pain, and rode the bus all the way to Margaritaville. After many years of being lost on an island, he found a little game called "whiffle ball." The heated whiff battles led to the softball diamonds, where Chris found a new love. The ability to run the bases as free as a bird and to roam the vast open grasses of the outfield allowed Chris to discover himself.

Now a 3rd year softball player he looks to shake off the cobwebs of the sophomore slump and take his game to new levels. He is hoping to help power the Sac all the way to the top and obtain a golden eagle. With his lethal combination of speed and versatility, the sky is the limit for this young prospect. Only self doubt and fear of the "sprawl," taking his diamonds can hold this kid back.

2005 - Beaver Tacos - Coed Minor
2006 - Clown Punchers - Men's
2006 - Gatsbys - Coed
2006 - Sac Lunch - Men's
2006 - Cougar - Men's
2007 - Sac Lunch - Men's
2007 - Gatsby's - Coed