Sac Lunch
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Corey - Manager
Position: Pitcher
Bats: L
Throws: L

As one of the most controversial players to ever step foot inside Liberty Park, Corey knows all too well the pressures of fame. During the 2007 season he lost his cool so many times his own players began questioning his emotional stability. In 2008, Corey aims to put the past behind him and begin a unique transformation. Working during the offseason with notorious Cleveland-area fitness coach and "life manager" Frank Marinara he was put through a rigorous offseason training regimen, which not only included workouts, but also yoga and zen breathing exercises. Marinara hoped to expel this hothead pitcher's demons by actively confronting them - a tactic that he has used often in his 30-year career in managing troubled athletes. Only time will tell if it will work...

While Corey's critics have leveled numerous jabs at him, he remains one of the most consistent hitters to ever don a Sac Lunch uniform. In 2007, he overcame several slumps to smash the single-season batting average record, en route to his first batting title (for Nut Brunch). He leads the team in Runs Scored, Singles, Doubles, Hits, and Batting Average among regulars, and shows no signs of slowing down. But all of this does not come without a price. His many downsides include his infuriating tendency to ignore base coaches, putting his team in jeopardy by succumbing to mental breakdowns, taunting umpires, taunting opposing batters... the list goes on and on. Since Corey himself recognizes that his team would be better off if his own performance weren't so tied to his fragile emotional state, he has repeatedly sought counseling from his mentor, Eric "Tico" Torres - whose notoriously calm demeanor earned him the nickname "The Ice Man" in 2006.

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